Rampage: A Jason Scarsdale Novel


POLICE PROCEDURAL:  The last thing Austin PD detective Jason Scarsdale wants is to be partnered up with rookie Tatum Harper. Skeptical of having a female partner, he only wants her out of his way and out of his department. As the victims begin to mount, feelings quickly change and tracking down the suspected gang responsible will be a race against the clock. But when their professional banter turns to an unsuspecting romance, will the two be able to survive the final standoff?

Mr. Brenham nails a homerun with his latest suspenseful thriller! Thoroughly researched and sometimes graphic, a reader is catapulted into the lives and daily intricacies of two homicide detectives. While the author does a wonderful job adding realism to the storyline by peppering police jargon throughout the novel, a reader can take comfort in the knowledge that technical vernacular is fully translated into comprehensive everyday language. Although care is taken to describe Jason’s reluctance in accepting Tatum as his new female partner, some readers may be left feeling that their sexual encounter is forced, when the two abruptly fall into bed creating a break in the fluidity of the plotline. Additionally, while all major loose ends are neatly packaged and brought to a close, some may find the ending to be a successful cliff hanger leaving the novel open ended for future installments in the series. Mr. Brenham knows how to keep a reader riveted and on the edge of their seats with layers of suspense and mystery!  

Stephanie Lodes