Race to World's End (The Rowan & Ella Time Travel Adventure Series Book 3)


TIME TRAVEL:  An adventurous tale of time travel that takes Ella and Rowan Pierce pitching through centuries of time, as they try to find each other and the child they left behind. Transporting originally from America 2013 to Cairo 1925, Ella and Rowan enjoy the gentility of a time before the internet and its technology. When Rowan transports to the year 1825 through a mishap, Ella leaves her child in Cairo while she travels through time to find her husband, whom she believes will die in November 1825. When her search takes her to the Florida Keys in 1825 where she must deal with pirates, Ella ends up finding more than just her husband.   


“Race to World’s End” is the third book in The Rowan & Ella Time Travel Adventure Series, and although it can stand alone, the reader would understand and appreciate the story more if the series was started from the beginning. Without the background facts, this tale starts a little rough with a slow pace. The adventure begins and the plot flows more quickly when Rowan transports to 1825 and finds himself a prisoner on a pirate ship. There are areas where the story staggers and the progression stutters causing the reader to lose focus, but the swashbuckling adventure on the high seas keeps it entertaining. 


This historical drama is an interesting time travel where the protagonists move from one circumstance to another with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages to its conclusion.  


Janna Shay