Publish or Perish


Emma O’Manny’s life is crashing down around her. Just days after her husband asked for a divorce and took off with his mistress to Hawaii, he dies in a mysterious plane crash. She has conflicting emotions, angry at him for betraying her, but heartbroken for her two kids who lost their father. Her husband had been working on some special scientific research involving vaccines that would benefit major health corporations if the vaccine is deemed safe. Could the research and her husband’s death be related? That is exactly what Detective Vin thinks when he is assigned the case. However, he can’t deny his attraction to Emma. Passions build, but more secrets are exposed and more people start dying. Vin has to believe that Emma is innocent; his heart depends on it.

This suspenseful romance has more twists and turns than a roller coaster! There are so many characters that act suspiciously that this book will keep readers guessing. The suspense moves the story along at a decent pace and makes it difficult to put down in fear of missing something. Although, it’s hard to feel for the main characters. They all lie, keep secrets, and can’t seem to make one right decision. Everything that goes wrong could be prevented which makes it difficult to like any of them, even when their decisions don’t make logical sense. It is admirable that one of the supporting characters has Down Syndrome, and it shines a light on the Downs Syndrome community and how smart and capable they are. One thing is certain, this book will keep readers on the edge of their seat with an unpredictable story!

Amanda Hupe