Profile of Evil (Profile, #1)


Former FBI agent Carly Stone joins forces with Sheriff Brody Chase to nab an online predator who's wanted in the state of Indiana. Young girls are being brutally murdered, and Brody knew he needed Carly's expertise as a profiler in order to put a stop to the horrific discoveries. But the closer they work together, the more their sparks for each other burn hotter. What bothers Carly the most is that she's just in Brody's territory temporarily. Eventually she'll have to go back to Florida once the killer is apprehended. What will she do if their quest for the predator is longer than expected, and their sizzling hot fever towards one another refuses to burn out?

This introduction to the Profile serial is frightening and a bit disturbing at times. Readers may feel that the romance between Grace's main characters, Brody and Carly, is almost on the brink of being inappropriate in this suspenseful story which revolves around an online sex predator. It's not that their scorching passion isn't present, but it feels almost out of place as we're trying to come to terms with and grasp the idea of a killer who prefers young women as his prey. The ending is rushed, with the element of surprise nowhere to be found once the predictable ending is reached.


Jaime A. Geraldi