A Pride of Brothers: Rick


Abby Laine is a family lawyer and great at her job. Her relentlessness in her job creates enemies. She is currently helping a woman and her son get a restraining order from the woman's abusive husband. When the man storms Abby’s office, her sister demands that she get protection. It is only a matter of time before he catches her off guard. Abby disagrees, especially with protection from bodyguard and private investigator, Rick Bannerman. They have a personal history, but the chemistry is hard to ignore. When more people linked to Abby are attacked, Rick Bannerman goes into full protection mode. If Abby declines his offer of protection, she could lose her life, but if she accepts... she may lose her heart. 

Readers had better have a fan or the air-conditioner on while reading this book because it gets HOT! The chemistry between Abby and Rick is absolutely off the charts. Abby is fierce and wickedly smart. Rick is not just handsome but he is strong and witty--which makes for lots of hilarious banter. However, they both have such determination to help those in danger. One of the most commendable things about this book is how it discusses how the justice system fails those who need it most, but that there are always people doing their best to help. Lastly, there are wonderful family and sisterly dynamics. Abby’s family can be overbearing but they will be there for each other at the drop of a hat. This page-turning suspense novel is perfect for those looking for a steamy, yet meaningful romance!  

Amanda Hupe