Precious Embrace (Embrace #2)


Twice divorced Alison Hayes is taking a break from men. She’s only going to focus on her kids and career. Unfortunately Detective Johnny Rhay Bennet seems determined to break her resolve. One night with Ali months ago was enough to convince Johnny that she’s the woman for him. Spending time with her baby, Micah, just made him more certain. His mission: win her over and take care of her. Scarred by everything she’s been through, Ali fights him every inch of the way…Until her worst nightmare comes true and her baby boy is taken from her. Will they be able to find Micah in time and keep the fragile bond they built?

“Precious Embrace” is a story that will capture readers’ hearts, have them at the edge of their seats with anxiety and leave them feeling giddy! This is the second book in the series, and while it can be read as a standalone, the characters and events are so linked the previous book should be read first to avoid any confusion. 


Reading about Ali’s doubts and insecurities while she’s pushing Johnny away is rather difficult, but somehow they’re just perfectly imperfect for each other! And Johnny is soooo adorable with little Micah. The one (rather big) problem that prevents this from being a 4-star read is the very poor editing: numerous instances of you’re instead of your; site-sight; punctuation errors, etc… It spoils the joy of reading and frustrates the reader. Testifying to Dana Mason’s storytelling is the fact that even that doesn’t stop the burning need to see what happens on the next page! 


Mimi Smith