The Power of Love and Murder (Love and Murder #4)


When Jianna Ricci's entire family is killed in an execution style-slaying, she's forced to change her identity. After living an unassuming life for thirteen years as "Penny Sparks", a momentary lapse in judgement causes her to reach out to a distant family member. Unfortunately, her actions lead to the murder of her roommate Mandy. Now, the same man who killed her family and best friend aims to rectify his mistake and finish what he started thirteen years ago. With the help of Mandy's brother Jake Winters, Penny must elude the hit man long enough to bring those responsible to justice. But going to war against a senator with presidential aspirations and a crooked FBI agent is proving to be no easy task.

“The Power of Love and Murder” is utterly addictive! The fourth book in the Love and Murder series, this crowd pleasing read has enough thrills, romance and audacious surprises to make one's head spin. The characters are incredibly well written. The author gives the hit man a humanity that allows the reader to understand his motivations. Penny and Jake have an undeniable chemistry. Some readers will find it odd that Penny and Jake fall apart after the main conflict is resolved, as the break in the relationship felt forced and unwarranted. And while Penny does indeed have a photographic memory, the constant mentions may wear thin. On the whole, Ms. Whiteside has written a superb story with an explosive ending. One can't help but devour this unputdownable read!   


Chantel Hardge