Poplar Place


Leaving her old life behind as an ADA in Pittsburgh, Cara Baker moves to the small town of Denton, SC to become a librarian. Taken with the area, she decides that buying a house is just the thing, and falls in love one on Poplar Place. When she tries to buy the house, however, she finds there are stipulations to the sale. There is a hermit living upstairs, and he comes with the house!  Deciding she wants the house regardless, she settles down and sets her sights on meeting the man who occupies her top floor. Cara is in for a rude awakening when all her preconceived notions are thrown out the window. Sadly, her peaceful new life will be shattered when someone from her past comes back to haunt her. 


Danny has special abilities, ones that have turned him into a recluse. He doesn’t realize that his beautiful new landlord is about to change his life…for the better. 


“Poplar Place” is such a wonderful, unique story! The flow is spot on and it keeps the reader riveted to the page. One will fall in love with both Cara and Danny, especially Danny and his unique qualities. The only thing holding the story back is there isn’t enough about Danny’s abilities; it leaves the reader wanting to know more about him and his gift. Otherwise, this story has it all:  mystery, intrigue, romance, humor and a touch of the paranormal that will keep the reader engrossed and sad when the story is over!


Lynne Bryant