Pocket Full of Posies

Julie Coulter

Bart Gutierrez is with the Hartford Police Department working on a high-profile cartel bust.  They really want to bag this guy, but Bart isn’t prepared for who else he finds.  His childhood friend Lucy is also working for the cartel, arranging shipments and bribes.  How did she get mixed up in all of this?  Lucy barely gets out of the bust alive, and her role as an undercover agent is revealed.  She wants to bring down Nico Castillo, a cartel boss who killed her father but the only way to get close to him is to work for him.  No one suspects her, and she waits for her chance for revenge.  But she doesn’t count on meeting up with Bart, her childhood crush.  The plot twists when Bart makes a shocking discovery!  When the authorities persuade Bart to go undercover with Lucy and find out Nico’s plans, the story ramps up into high gear.  Bart and Lucy must play a very dangerous game, as they look for a way to bring Nico down. 


 “Pocket Full of Posies” will rivet readers to the edge of their seats!  This is a spine-tingling thriller, as Nico meets with terrorists to attack America, Bart meets a father he never dreamed of, and Lucy struggles to stay undercover in the cartel, waiting for the moment to strike. All this and still the author successfully weaves in a rediscovered romance, making it blossom where least expected!  With superb characters and a plot that is a real page-turner, readers will not be able to put down this modern day narco-cartel thriller!


Victoria Z. Burg