Picnic in Eden


How your life can turn on a split-second decision.  "What if she had not stopped when he spoke to her?"
 Molly Graves is constantly making up answers to that question.  "He" is her husband, Fielding.  He has been missing for months - gone with no word, no hint, no trail.  She is flailing along as best as she can in the wake of his desertion - a single parent to 4yr old Marco, trying to ignore the doubts and the fear threatening to bowl her over.  Wondering to herself, "was I so easy to leave?".  
Alone, with no income, she is down to her last few dollars when an answer to her prayers comes in the form of Magnus Agustsson.  An art dealer looking for walls just like those in her rent-controlled New York apartment on which to display paintings for wealthy customers, he is Molly's light at the end of the tunnel.  Or is he?
Ms. Moffett's tale of love, deception and betrayal is woven in crisp, elegant prose and is much more complex than it first appears.  Lyrical in places, spare and desolate in others, it draws the reader in from the first line and doesn't let go until the very last word.  
The pacing is methodical at first, slowly gathering momentum as the plot twists and
turns,  taking the reader on a journey as unexpected as it is heartbreaking.  
Beautifully written, and highly recommended!!
Tammy Grant