Passing His Guard: An Against the Cage Novel


Ryann is in a desperate situation when a seemingly easy job walks into her private investigation agency. All she has to do is return MMA fighter Aiden Kruze to New York in time for his upcoming wedding. What she doesn’t expect is to be immediately attracted to her target. The big problem is that Aiden has absolutely no intention of going home and Ryann is forced to resort to breaking the law to get him to come back with her. As a Senator's son, Aiden knows that his father has been involved in dirty dealings. What he doesn’t realize is just how dirty they are. As their feelings become more intense, Aiden must work fast to keep Ryann safe and get them both out of the clutches of those who mean to do them harm.

A sexy as sin cage fighter who is as smart as he is smoldering is the perfect remedy for a long hard week! This book is a page turner and more! Ms. Price has an excellent ability of writing in such a way that leaves the reader turning the pages so fast to figure out what’s going on. The chemistry between Ryann and Aiden lights up the book in a storm of passion making knees weak and heart a flutter. If this book gives any indication to the rest of the ‘Against the Cage’ series, they are excellent reads! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick