Passenger 19 (Jammer Davis #3)


When Frank “Jammer” Davis is called in to investigate a downed plane in Colombia, he believes it will be like any normal investigative job - until he’s told that his only child was listed on the same flight manifest. Fighting back his personal demons, he must split his emotions and focus on the facts of the investigation: two people are missing from the plane, and those lives depend on him. However, when he unearths the ultimate conspiracy, and discovers those responsible are none other than his very own government, will he have what it takes to recover the one thing he holds most dear? Or will he be thwarted at every turn?


The saying, “write what you know” has never proven truer than with Mr. Larsen’s new suspenseful thriller! While the third accompaniment to a preexisting series, one will rejoice in the knowledge of being handed a successful standalone novel. Readers will simultaneously be taken on the emotional and gut-wrenching journey of a widowed father, as well as treated to thoroughly researched and descriptive writings. Although many readers will appreciate the nougats of detail, the average reader may at first find these lengthy technicalities daunting and somewhat overwhelming. However, one can rest assured that given the author’s accurate explanation of aviation mechanics, and jargon the overall storyline remains solid and is not lost in translation. Mr. Larsen delivers a novel that is sure to delight suspense and thriller fans.


Stephanie Lodes