The Paraclete

Bernard Leo

Warning: Potentially triggering material.

A thirteen-year-old boy jumps off the Coronado Bridge in his vestments. A well-known Catholic theologian discovers that the reason the boy killed himself was to avoid going through anymore sexual abuse at the hands of his parish priest. After doing some thorough research, the theologian decides something must be done. When pedophilic priests start turning up dead, it becomes apparent that a serial killer is on the loose. FBI agent Joanne Faraday finds herself in a difficult situation given that her husband was abused by a priest. Now she is tasked with finding a killer who is dealing with the problem priests in his own terrifying way.

“The Paraclete” is a very interesting book indeed. From the first word, readers will be gripped by the tension in this fascinating story. A multitude of interesting aspects fill this book, and it is clear that Bernard Leo Remakus has done his research on Catholicism and what has happened over the years. Be warned, there may be material that some readers may find triggering; however, this story has a truly unique plot with engaging characters and a killer readers will find it difficult to dislike. Even though the subject matter could be difficult for some people to deal with, the story is an awesome one and should definitely be enjoyed by those who enjoy a good serial killer mystery. “The Paraclete” is a book that a wide variety of readers will thoroughly enjoy, especially those with an interest in theology. Not a book to be missed.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick