The Overnighter's Secrets

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One does not simply leave California with an overnighter from a dumpster and not expect consequences. This is the message that both Beth and Shane are learning the hard way. Their breakup, two years earlier, left them both with unanswered questions and thousands of miles of distance between them. Now alone in Tennessee after her brother passes away, Beth has just been threatened and robbed. A phone call from Shane sharing the fact that the same thing happened to him, draws them together again to figure out just what they have that is so important. They know the intruder was a meth-addicted dumpster diver from California. What was he doing in Tennessee? Could that overnight case found in a dumpster years ago hold the key the break-ins? Shane and Beth team up to unravel the mystery, and possibly mend their own relationship in the process.

This plot was drawn from a real life incident involving a suitcase with lost papers, an old movie star and a murder.  It is written well enough to engage the reader, but not well enough to gain comfort in the author's style. The heroine is forever crying or shedding tears, tears of pain, happiness, fear, joy, etc. They can well up in her eyes for any reason whatsoever. Seriously! This tendency becomes extremely annoying. Especially when the hero, Shane, is an ex-military, big strong biker dude and is designated as her her "protector.”  The other characters are stereotypical in their portrayal as well. If one can overlook these faults, the story itself is a very intriguing one.  Just  too many cliche-isms for this reviewer.

Beth Chamberlain