Outback Fear


Savannah Harris is running to a place she thought she had left behind forever.  Grace Creek, her inheritance from her mother, is the only safe place for her and her baby. The most recent beating from her husband Mark was severe enough to be the last straw.   Terrified that Mark will find her and take Amy away, she is on her guard every minute. When she meets her new neighbor, Luke, who has been looking after the ranch after her mother’s untimely death, she is very wary.  He is so helpful and seems nice, but can she trust him?  

Adrian Conway is a self-sufficient, rugged Aussie and was a good friend to  Rebecca, Savannah’s mother. He is surprised to find Savannah at the ranch. Why was she here now? Why hadn’t she been at her mother’s funeral? When Mark shows up and events take a turn for the worse, he has to step in and help and save her from not just Mark, but himself as well.  


Ms. Brandyn does a fine job of keeping  the suspense  in this story going page after page until the reader doesn’t know what is going to happen next! The author has Savannah in a constant state of fear but somehow the characters' connections don’t quite make sense and there are almost no clues to who is really against her.  This becomes very frustrating. Still, the reader is engaged enough to fear for Savannah’s life, and to admire her courage enough that those pages keep turning in order to understand and discover the truth.


Rose Mary Espinoza