Out of the Zoo

Susan Zoe

Lilah was born into the sex slave trade at a place known only as “The Zoo”. She is determined to escape and help all the others get away from the depraved men who run the organization. But she must first venture out into a world she has never known. She is helped by a missionary group that promises to get her on her feet and help to liberate the others at the zoo. They approach Shade, who always works alone. He refuses the missionaries, but can’t find it in his heart to say no to Lilah. She insists on coming with him to expose the men running the zoo and to free the women who have been exploited. In spite of his better judgment, he agrees and their adventure begins.


This is a well-crafted story about a real crisis. The characters are realistic and come to life in this gritty romance. Due to the reality and nature of the sex scenes in the zoo, this novel is recommended for adults over the age of eighteen. “Out of the Zoo” is action-packed and will keep the reader perched on the edge of their seat as they try to anticipate what comes next. Good versus evil is a recurring theme in this novel and the fight as to which will win goes on till the very end. This is an excellent novel that is difficult to set down once begun.


Belinda Wilson