Ostrich Mentality


The Cold War is far from over at the end of 1990. Despite deteriorating, the USSR continues to produce dangerous weapons. Galatea is a dedicated Mossad assassin with single minded devotion to her country. When twenty tons of weaponized Smallpox goes missing, Galatea is forced to question her loyalty and which side she wants to live in on.  Throw together an eclectic group of operatives with unclear ties and an egotistical analyst, and all you have to worry about is the balance of the world.

An interesting take on a time period in the not so distant past, “Ostrich Mentality” is an eye-opening tale with a colorful cast. Despite being 316 pages, the reader will fly through this fast-paced novel, immersed in its intelligent suspense. The fact that this novel is not far from the truth gives the story a sinister feel. The reader feels invested and engrossed in Galatea and her journey. It is also refreshing to read a clever tale where advanced technology is very different from what we know today without the story losing its credibility and development. Overall, “Ostrich Mentality” is an engaging work of espionage and biological warfare. Some may find the topic boring and tedious, but fans of speculative fiction should make sure to add it to their to be read list!

Arec Rain