Operation Blackbird: A Cold Way Spy Novel (Brass Compass Series Book 2)


Cushioned between the fulfilling feeling of a great vacation and the gaining of a new lead to solving one of the puzzles from her daunting past, Miriam Becker is in one of her best elements. The arrival of a fellow operative with whom they had shared childhood roots cuts short her refreshing moments. Jake Devlin wants her in his next big operation, Operation Blackbird, which sees them traverse continents to extract and deliver to safety a package of international interest. Ms. Becker soon learns that not every operative in the operation can be trusted. The success of the mission - and her life - depends on her ability to apply all her senses and training effectively. With many barriers to overcome, that could never be an easy task.  

What begins as a torch to some historical injustices soon espouses a thrilling spy operation that brings together a myriad of characters ranging from a politically-driven asylum-seeking scientist to moles within a top American Agency making the perfect recipe for a befitting spy thriller. The presence of a strong female lead adds a feather to the astounding hat that this novel dons. The waves of uncertainty that are generously spread across the book, rock the reader’s mind into sailing towards the shores of every subsequent chapter. Other than the rather abrupt appearance of the brass compass that, for a moment, sends the reader off the boat, the reader is up to a thoroughly enjoying experience with “Operation Blackbird”. As the old saying goes, this book is worth every dime.

JM Lareen