One Wrong Move


Deep undercover is where only the strong survive; one wrong move and your mission and life can be over.  DEA agent Camden Alexander had no intentions of losing either.  When Rayma walked into the renowned Texas coastal restaurant itching for an exclusive story, she had no idea she was putting the mission, Camden, or herself in any danger.  Sure it might be dangerous, but someone needed to expose the crime.  She wasn’t expecting the head chef to invade her thoughts, and especially not her life.  Can they survive the underlying forces and escape with their lives to find a happily-ever-after?  One wrong move can end it all!


Chock full of mystery, deceit and steam, “One Wrong Move” will keep readers on the edge of their seat.  This original tale unfolds in a present-day Texas Bay.  Rayma is a highly intelligent reporter seeking to get ahead in life, but decision-making appears not to be her strong suit and readers may find that directly contradicts the overall impression.  Camden leaves nothing to the imagination in his role, which counterbalances Rayma’s actions. Throw in a drug-dealing business owner and a jaded DEA Agent and readers have a high-stakes game.  Several grammatical issues can be corrected with light editing.  The ebb and flow of this steamy relationship and their misadventures may leave readers who are children of the 80’s thinking of Shepherd and Willis.  


Jordyn Teel