One More Time Is Not Enough


Heiress Adelia has everything a woman could ever want, but she isn’t sure what she truly desires.  David has convinced himself that he cannot be an FBI Agent and maintain a relationship.  Miles is a cunning businessman who knows what he wants and will work patiently until Adelia returns to him.  Olivia is just discovering herself and the secrets that her father kept hidden from her all her life.  She’s determined to complete his life’s work, even if that means cutting other’s short.  All are on a collision course and time is running out.  


This is the third installment of this series about the modern day, contemporary, jet-setting crowd. This tale unfolds from multiple viewpoints and readers may be confused as to which central character is performing which scene.  A few instances are noted of the wrong word form being used or missing punctuation.  Constant intimate situations do not move the plot forward, and in some instances the reader may find it distracting.  In addition, a word of caution must be instilled for graphic sexual language.  The familial relationships discovered, while they do occur daily in real life, may cause some readers pause due to the improbability of the support one sister offers the other, even in the face of crimes committed.  Readers seeking a happily-ever-after will not be disappointed and some may become misty eyed.


Jordyn Teel