One Last Hold


Wesley Webb is a race car driver at the top of his game. He is unstoppable - until a rival driver and a pit crew member are murdered and he becomes the prime suspect.  To make matters worse, his long-gone first love has returned.  Too bad she's now a reporter, sent by her editor for an exclusive.  Caitlyn Daniels has no choice but to write the stories she’s given, even when it has her walking a fine line between a human interest piece and sensationalism, given how much she knows about Wes’s past. 


While the main story is about love lost and love found, there are so many underlying plot twists and turns that driving circles on the track at 200 mph will seem tame. Wes and Caitlyn are both consummate professionals, and one gets a clear sense of them. The underlying plot that goes beyond the love story will leave a reader grasping for straws until the very end. Just when you think you know whodunit, it changes. The heavy reliance on the stereotypical “silent miscommunication” when they were younger as the vehicle for their decades long distance from each other is a travesty, and given the layers written into all of the characters just doesn’t seem plausible for the two of them. With all of the levels of deceit and players involved, outside interference would have made more sense. "One Last Hold" is a well-written tale full of strong and realistic characters that will have a reader looking for her own race car driver.


Julie York