One Heart to Give


The world of Dani Brosen has been filled with many hurts from the abandonment she suffered as a young child.  She has grown up in foster care and has walls in place to never let that kind of pain in again.  She secretly loves her best friend, Ren Sousa, the only one with a key to her world of hurt.  She finds out a truth and decides to run to spare Ren the reality of having to choose between friend or family in his life.  Ren was devastated when he could not find Dani - she disappeared with his heart and he feels he will never get it back. 


This superbly written story has both mystery and love intertwined to the very end!  The author has done a masterful job of combining intrigue of characters in the love area of life to that of solving a mystery from the past.  The story brings out truths from the character's past that have hindered them in their current lives.  The mystery of the past is pieced together both in their love story and in the abandonment Dani had endured as a young child. It is very factual in the ramifications from abandonment at an early age with how the author writes the effects that has on the adult Dani. This story gives a voice to anyone who went on faith that they would find their true love.


Laura Dinsdale