One Defining Second, When Seconds Count, #3


Dax Keller made a promise to protect his best friend’s sister and he was determined not to let Griff down. When witnesses in a human trafficking case start dying, Rebecca Danes is suddenly moved up the list to star witness, and Dax intends to keep her safe from the hit man sent to silence her. However, he and Rebecca have a rocky history and she is not going to listen to him, no matter how much he revs her motor. Irresistible force, meet immovable object.


It may be winter in Boston, but the heat is tropical between Dax and Rebecca! The story moves at a brisk pace and the writing flows smooth as silk across the pages. However, the characters tend to vacillate between adult and teen reactions in an unlikely manner considering their age and life experiences. In addition, Dax’s whole relationship with Rebecca is built on a wall of lies and Rebecca lets her lady parts speak for her head. There is little foundation to build on, thus the relationship between them strains the bounds of believability. Also, the suspense that should be creating a tension-filled wave of dread and bitten fingernails instead lags and is only given a chance to shine near the end. The heat between the characters doesn’t lack, but if they could be given more meat to sink one’s teeth into, added to additional suspense throughout, then this would be one hot edge-of-the-seat read!


Carol Conley