Nothing But Trouble


Frankie Delenski finds herself in a bind when she can’t pay back a loan she had to take out in order to pay for her father’s funeral and final expenses. A dangerous loan shark now has her in his sights and she does the only thing she knows will keep her alive: she runs. Following an interesting series of calamitous events Frankie lands in Sheriff Wes Malone’s life, and makes quite a memorable entrance. Wes knows something just isn’t right with Frankie and her stories have got his cop instincts tingling. The more he deciphers truth from fiction the more he wants to protect her. Frankie’s distrust of cops makes it difficult for her to confide in Wes and being falsely accused of theft doesn’t help either.


This was a great read with a strong, independent, sassy, and funny heroine that can at times be a bit naïve. The quirky and funny banter between Wes and Frankie will have readers giggling. The two couldn’t be more opposite, but the chemistry between them is undeniable. Character development and pacing were good with some minor jumping around that caused some confusion. Ms. Hammer combines comedy and suspense for a fun and intriguing read that will have readers sad to see it end. 


Molly S. Daniels