Nothing Hidden Ever Stays


SUPERNATURAL:  Aubrey always believed she was abandoned as a child. She is poor and works menial jobs to make ends meet. Her world is turned upside down when she learns she has inherited the Ross estate, her family's home…the family she didn’t know she had. Taking a leap of faith, Aubrey moves to Rossdale, Ohio to claim her estate and possibly start over with millions of dollars. Things do not go according to plan when strange things begin to happen in the house like ghosts, moving objects, and someone or something trying to kill her. Luckily, she meets Rebecca and her brother Hank, who have a mysterious tie to Aubrey’s family in the past. With the help of Hank, Aubrey finally unravels her past and the secrets of the ghosts of Ross Manor.

The story line is intriguing and captures the reader’s interest from the very start. There are many layers to Aubrey's character and the author does a great job of stripping those layers away so the reader really gets to know her.  Aubrey’s new friendship with Rebecca and relationship with Hank take a backseat compared to the story of the ghosts of Ross Manor. Their stories capture the reader’s interest with the need to solve the mystery of the past. The relationship between Hank and Aubrey is rushed. Aubrey goes from virtually friendless to in a relationship in a relatively short period. The same could be said for her friendship with Rebecca, they went from strangers to buddies in a couple of hours. Overall, this book offers a mystery, suspense, and an ending that surprises!

Carly Fulmer