The Notary


Adrianna Morgan is a nursing student who does freelance notary work to help make ends meet. Being sent to the wrong address for a house closing puts her smack in the middle of a drug deal gone bad. Undercover cop Lucas Hunter has no idea who the woman is; he only knows he needs to save her before she gets hurt or worse. Unfortunately, he’s tied up and getting a beating. Good thing he’s a determined guy with a bit of luck on his side.


A freelance notary is sent out to the middle of nowhere to the wrong address and gets caught in the middle of bad things while an undercover cop rescues her. "The Notary" starts out with such promise, and the potential to be a great thriller.  Technically well-written it’s the characters who fail to impress. Lucas would be a great alpha hero if he wasn’t drowning in self-flagellating guilt over the death of his fianceé, and didn’t have anger management issues as well as exhibiting obsessive possessive behavior toward Adrianna. More flexibility in each of these categories would have made him more likeable. Adrianna, on the other hand, has no ability to stand up for herself. She talks the talk in her mind, but fails to walk the walk and this makes her a weak character. In addition, their sexual attraction overpowers the drug story plot line rendering it nearly obsolete. Toning down the sex, beefing up the drug angle and tweaking the character personalities would make this a story worthy of a commendation.


Carol Conley