Not Dead Yet (Guardian #6)

Hunter Abramson

Cassidy Edgemont, a member of a group known as the Coalition, died four years ago, or so everyone believes. Living in Paris, a mere shadow in the city, Cassidy remains invisible to protect herself and her family. That is, until her family decides to visit the exact location she is hiding in. After her family’s arrival, a bomb goes off nearby and Donovan, a handsome fellow guardian, is sent to aide Cassidy in trying to uncover some truths about the recent happenings in what had been Cassidy’s calm existence. Should Cassidy remain hidden or should she risk exposure in order to protect innocent lives?

“Not Dead Yet” is full of action, undercover agents, and nail-biting scenes.  Traci Hunter Abramson does an outstanding job of grabbing the reader's attention from the very beginning. The pace throughout the story does not lose its momentum, which makes this one a fast and fun read.  The characters are incredibly likeable and down to earth. The conversations between Cassidy and Donovan are particularly enjoyable, and the development of their relationship is so much fun to witness. The story itself is incredibly action-packed with a little bit of romance thrown in, but not enough to distract from the main plotline. The author does a great job at keeping this spy thriller a clean read, suitable for various types of readers. And regardless of the fact that this book is the sixth in the series, the previous books are recapped very well and it makes the storyline very easy to follow. This is definitely a heart pounding suspenseful adventure that you won’t want to put down!

Jennifer Shepherd