No Chance in Hell


Chris Holland’s life has turned into a nightmare. Not only did she find the body of her brutally-killed sister, but the murderer is now stalking her. Since the police can’t help, she turns to Lost and Found, Inc. for help.


Since the death of his wife, Marcus Ricci has dedicated himself to his job at Lost and Found, Inc. He has no desire to get involved with a woman and risk that pain again. And getting involved with a client who has a murderous stalker focused on her is definitely not something he should do. But as danger closes in, emotions run high and resistance becomes futile.


While the plot of "No Chance in Hell" itself is not unusual – a heroine with a stalker is protected by the hero - it is done well. As for the hero, Marcus is a man haunted by loss, yet when he realizes the depth of his feelings for Chris, he doesn't fight them. That takes courage. The side characters were intriguing as well, especially Marcus’ colleagues. And Diablo, Marcus’ dog, was amazing! The problem lies with the dialogue – it is cheesy and overdramatic at times. It just doesn’t do the story justice. All in all, a suspenseful and action-filled story that will have the reader at the edge of their seat!


Ana Smith