Never Trust a Pretty Wolf

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Andy Bryce is a US Marshal coping with a deadly mistake, a mistake he'd just as soon no one knew about. His brother, Tony, is the mayor in the small town of  Shady Corners. When Tony's political commitments conflict with family, he convinces Andy to stand in for him at Melton's Geocaching game.

Liesel Wolf is a stunning widow hiding from her ex-husband and gangster, William Wolf. Melton's game is the perfect solution for her to win a million dollars to donate to her favorite charity, a charity searching for the cure to interstitial cystitis that killed her mother. When the two are paired as a team for the GPS following cache hunt they find themselves on the run, but not from the law, from murderers!

Elaine Cantrell gives the reader more than just a modern romance with this read.  How can one deny the six-foot-three and shoulders to die for or the goddess with Titian hair and size 6 hips - or the warm sand of Myrtle Beach? Although the story is well crafted, it is somewhat predictable with the miscommunication and physical attraction. Liesel and Andy are characters easy to love and root for. Unfortunately her villain(s) are not as well crafted, feeling almost two dimensional. Overall, Ms. Cantrell drives a well paced story from beginning to end with few glitches, and while not her best work, this is still a book worth reading!

Erin Murdock