Mystical Glasses


Joey Moretti is a poker player who has enjoyed mild success and is content with his life and his relationship with his girlfriend Mira.  After he finds a pair of magic glasses that allow him to see the cards of other players, his winnings start to pile up.  Mira's unhinged ex-husband Rudy begins stalking the lovebirds, threatening their safety. Rudy is determined to exact his revenge and eventually possess the glasses for himself. Joey's fight to protect Mira brings him face to face with his past.

“Mystical Glasses” is a dramatic tale that focuses on the world of high-stakes poker, prison gangs, crime families and revenge. Joey Moretti is one cool customer. Calculated and devious in his own right, readers are never quite sure if Joey is a stand up guy or not. What is clear, however, is that Joey is playing chess while Rudy is playing checkers. Although the story drags and stumbles along in the beginning, it quickly picks up the pace in the second half. Mr.  Kregas stuns with his ability to describe a scene, however there is quite a bit of dialogue — much of it too lengthy. With the glasses being such an important component of the book, one may feel disappointed by the fact that the paranormal aspect of the glasses isn't fully explained. Readers should also be aware that this story includes same-sex scenes of a sexual nature featuring a side character. All things considered, this book is a quick and easy read that's far from stereotypical.

Chantel Hardge