Murder on the Mountain (Marshall Brothers Book 1)


Emma Thomas is back in her hometown of Staunton, Virginia, hoping to get the inside scoop on a drug-trafficking ring that has invaded her town. As an investigative journalist, this is the story she needs to get her career back on track. When she stumbles across a murder at a remote cabin and narrowly escapes with her life, she knows she is in too deep and needs help. Detective Adam Marshall has been trying to break this drug cartel case wide open. He never expected his childhood friend, Emma, to be the one to come to him with evidence he has so desperately needed.  As they work together on the case, they also work toward healing their past. But will they make it out alive? 

This story starts out with a bang and the heart-thumping drama does not stop until the last chapter. The vivid detail the author uses throughout transports readers, making them feel as though they are on that mountain with Adam and Emma as they investigate. The drug cartel plotline is enough to keep readers highly invested, and adding in the sweet romance between Adam and Emma is the perfect touch. Adam and Emma’s pasts are filled with memories they never thought they could get over. Working together on this case forces them to confront their demons and one another.  “Murder On The Mountain” is one of this summer’s best romantic suspense novels readers can get their hands on. Readers can only hope this turns into a long-lasting series! 

Alison Ellis