Mouse Trap - A Clay Wolfe/Port Essex Mystery, Book 3


Clay and his business partner Bayley are more than happy to take on the lucrative request from Johnson Labs to investigate the attempted robbery of a lab mouse and then sadly surprised when they're let go before completing their investigation. However when other suspicious and fatal activities are linked to the laboratory, they continue to investigate. Clay and Bayley also try to take their building attraction to each other to the next level. Try being the operative word! Clay's recent entanglements produce a major stumbling block to their relationship. So it's romance on the back burner because in a desperate race against time, Clay and his group of friends try to stop a heinous plan that could change mankind.

A feast of action and suspense baited with nibbles of romance, "Mouse Trap" is a fast-paced, sexy, and intriguing read! Clay and Bayley are interesting characters with chemistry. Clay's motley assortment of friends bring a uniquely familiar flavor to the storyline. The other secondary characters provide intriguing substance to the mystery as well. The love scenes are a little lackluster, however this may be due to a lack of real passion in the participants. The scientific mumbo jumbo may bring on a case of glassy eyed stupor for some, but it is necessary to the storyline.  The villains provide an ominous and insidious air to the plot. The twist and turns are exciting, thrilling lures to ensnare readers and keep the pages turning! Mr. Cost's third installment to the seaside world of Port Essex and Wolfe  Investigations will not disappoint!

Tonya Mathenia