More Than Strangers (Safe Harbor #1)


Jason Reynolds and Nulli O'Hara have been dancing around each other for months amid Dubai's elite high society.  Their flirty glances and heated looks finally culminate in an agreed upon one night stand that blows both of their minds and forges a connection that neither expected.  The two go their separate ways but remain in daily contact via texts, learning more about each other and yet still managing to keep their lives separate.  Neither wants permanence, not with their secretive jobs taking them in opposite directions. But when their paths collide in the most unusual of circumstances, both Jason and Nulli have to face the fact that they are connected through more than just passion.

If you want a short, super sexy read that packs a punch, look no further!.  This novella-length story is realistic in its plot and the pacing is gripping.  Jason and Nulli have a small history, so their attraction is already set.  A sense of familiarity permeates this couple, and eases their relationship into a comfortable zone early in the story.  When they are together, their chemistry is combustive, and when they meet later in the story, it's even more so.  Unexpected, explosive action forces them to deal with their relationship.  Overall, this story had a surprisingly full feeling for its length, and retains a cast of charming characters with room for series growth.


Nicole Duke