More Than Puppy Love, a Christmas Novel – Watchdog Security Series, Book 3


A paperwork mix-up allows someone living in Longmont, Colorado, to adopt his retired military dog, so Kyle, Watchdog Security’s canine trainer, goes on a mission right before Christmas to correct the error. Faced with a lonely holiday with just ranch animals and newly adopted dog, Arden’s surprised when an uninvited guest shows up on her porch insisting Camo is his - even with her sawed-off shotgun pointed at him. A raging blizzard causes Arden to reluctantly invite Kyle in to warm up. A dubious land developer resorting to despicable actions so Arden and her neighbors sell their ranches drives Kyle's protective instincts to keep Arden safe. Although they have conflicting claims on Camo, will the two lonely hearts be able to find shelter in each other's arms?

Like Hallmark Christmas movies, "More Than Puppy Love" is a thrilling romance about two people falling in love quick, fast, and in a hurry! Saluting military service and the often tragic results of their sacrifices, this story will capture the heart of its readers. The main characters are truly meant for each other. The loathsome troublemaker is easy to despise, and lovable secondary characters add the perfect touch. Though story’s plot is extremely predictable from the start, it’s decorated with enough drama, danger, and desire to keep readers invested. Readers should find a comfy seat with a hot cup of spiked cocoa to enjoy a holiday themed tale cast with a brooding hero, a compassionate heroine, and a heroic pooch. Olivia Michaels packs this tale in snow covered kisses, wraps it in a blazing fire of thrilling action, then tops it off by showcasing how dog-gone wonderful the miracle of love is!

Tonya Mathenia