More Than Love – Watchdog Security Series, Book 1


Undercover FBI Agent Jake Collins rides into Ross, Nebraska, to bring down the small town’s crime lord. Rachael Deal has lived under her brutal father's thumb since her mother ran off, and all she wants is to be free to live her life. Jake gets a job at her father's meatpacking plant and their instant attraction to each other and mutual love of music gives Rachael hope she's finally met a man who will open the cage and set her free. Will Jake be able to put aside his feelings for Rachael and use her to entrap her father? Or will he be able to come up with a plan to help her escape and still bring her father down?

Ms. Michaels delivers a steamy and suspenseful beginning to her Watchdog Security series that guarantees readers will sign up for each installment to see what Alpha males and their women are willing to do when “More Than Love” is on the line. Readers will feel for Rachael as she tries to escape from her father’s brutality, and root for Jake as he works every angle at his disposal to open the cage and set her free. The musical game played between the two will bring on the smiles and impart some knowledge. The all-encompassing heat of their attraction is blazing hot! The secondary characters are humorous, caring, and relatable. The dread of feeling caught up in an inescapable nightmare of abuse and oppression oozes off the page. A fast-paced action packed thrill ride seducing readers with heights of passion, harmonizing love, and the horrors of abuse this tale delivers unforgettable thrills and chills!

Tonya Mathenia