More Than Family - Watchdog Security Series, Book 2


During a harrowing kidnapping rescue mission in Nebraska, Camden Bains saves 5 year old Tina's life and feels an instant connection with her beautiful mother, Elena Martinez. He can't get them out of his mind when he returns to his life in Los Angeles and his job as trainer for the new recruits at Watchdog Security. Elena also remembers the connection she felt with the gorgeous ex-Navy Seal who kept her and her daughter safe. She wonders if her move to LA will lead her to love again, or if she must deny her personal and professional desires to ensure her daughter's happiness and safety. If the two want the brass ring Fate is offering, Camden and Elena must let go of their pasts and trust their hearts to become the family of their dreams.

"More Than Family" is the perfect recipe of second chances and spicy passions peppered with dashes of intrigue and danger! Readers will enjoy relatable, interesting characters who share tragic pasts they must overcome as they reach for a future filled with family and love. Camden and Elena sizzle with a chemistry that is smoking hot and sweetly tender. Secondary characters are a seasoned melding of supportive ingredients of family with sprinkles of fun and the precociousness of a five year old diva-in-the-making. The persnickety confrontations with a despicable boss and the corrupt political interests of the nefarious bad guys measure out the perfect bites of treachery, danger, and drama. Ms. Michael's heroic tale serves up a menu with delectable courses of fiery romance, savory secrets, and exhilarating action readers will hungrily devour as they wish for one more taste!

Tonya Mathenia