A Model Engagement (City of Dreams #2)


Seeking independence, Lacey Reed jumps at the chance for a career in the big city. Unfortunately, her eagerness leads her straight into the hands of a blackmailer. Broke with no savings or a safe place to turn to, she literally runs into financier Connor Devlin. Dazzled by Lacey, Connor feels compelled to help. After doing some damage control, things seem to have settled, until the blackmailer ups the ante. Lacey is determined to face the blackmailer dead on. Will that mean she will lose the only man who has ever truly seen her for who she is?

 “A Model Engagement” illustrates a hard lesson about what happens when you look before you leap. In her desperation to escape the yoke of her controlling parents, Lacey rushes to follow her dream of entering the modeling industry without truly understanding how the world works. Though the events that lead to her current predicament happened before the story, the author is consistently referring back to it. In fact, it becomes quite repetitive as the heroine dwells on it repeatedly. While the antagonist is realistic, complex, and well written, readers may find it hard to feel any chemistry between the leads despite some steamy encounters. Lacey is also not exactly likable but many readers may relate to her situation and feel sympathy for her plight. Others may be annoyed that she consistently does not seem to use the head on her shoulders. Romance paired expertly with suspense, “A Model Engagement” brings more to the table than a typical contemporary romance involving a model with a broken dream. 

Arec Rain