Mockingbird’s Cry: Hera Force Series #1


An all-female black-ops group named Hera Force was created five years ago. The group is comprised of three females, Jo, Nadia, Jade, and then there’s Lincoln. The Hera Force was created to bring down terror groups, namely the Chess Master. While on a mission, the Chess Master ruins their mission, killing many people and ending the women’s careers and lives as they know them. Lincoln is now a detective who gets called to the scene of mass murder victims he knows from his days as a Hera Force member. The killer left a message “Find the Mockingbird or More Will Die”. Lincoln sets out to find the Mockingbird.

“Mockingbird’s Cry: Hera Force Series #1” is an action-packed military romance that pulls the reader in from the very first page and does not let go. As one follows Jo, Nadia, Jade, and Lincoln’s story of survival and bringing the murderer to justice, the reader will understand how well this group works together as a team. One will be thoroughly impressed with how well the women are trained, especially Jo, who is a natural born leader. The romance between Jo and Lincoln is a nice added touch to this great story.  The action, suspense, and shoot-outs will have the reader on the edge of one’s seat until the very end. “Mockingbird’s Cry” is Book 1 in the Hera Force Series, and an excellent start to a new series. Winter Austin has created a brilliant story with complex and strong characters. A must-read for lovers of romantic suspense!

Victoria Zumbrum