Mission: Impossible to Forget


Emily is a world class cellist who has just completed a tour of Asia. She is nursing her heartbreak from being ghosted by her ruggedly handsome and dangerous bodyguard Nick after they spent some wonderful days together in isolation. When her tour manager is killed in broad daylight, Nick is suddenly back in her life in order to protect her. Little does Emily realize that Nick had disappeared from her life for her safety and happiness. He hides his darkest secret from her, thinking that a woman like her would prefer not to be involved with damaged goods. As it becomes clear that some force is trying to kill her, Nick must do everything in his power to keep the woman he treasures safe. Will he be able to convince her to trust him and his deep feelings for her? 

Jacki Delecki’s heart-stopping contemporary military suspense novel will keep readers on edge from start to finish! One can’t help but feel for Nick and the trauma he endured during his military career. He honestly has Emily’s interests at heart despite it all! However, Emily is extremely frustrating because, despite the obvious danger she is in, she consistently and stubbornly puts herself and others in the line of fire over and over again. Readers may be left breathless after turning the last page as the plot moves at breakneck speed. The novel does not stand on its own very well, as the plot picks up where the previous story left off with little explanation. However, the sizzling chemistry between Emily and Nick will leave the readers wanting more!

Jen Griffin