Mission Accomplished

Sophia Ryan

Alicia Stone is being sent on mandatory vacation time. Her co-workers have had enough of her changed attitude since the death of her husband, and her boss is giving her a month to deal with her grief. Alicia trades her ER nurse job in Seattle for her private, secluded country cabin in the mountains of New Mexico. Alicia gets settled in and then hikes to the spot where her phone can get reception, but on her way back, she’s sure she hears gunshots. Upon returning to her cabin, she finds a bleeding man on her porch, wielding a gun. Her nurse instincts kick in, and she swiftly aids the man who very likely is a criminal. If she can save him, she’ll send him on his way, however, his dangerous ways may find them first.


Ms. Ryan turns a winter cabin into a safe oasis – as well as a place that attracts much danger! Alicia is strong willed, independent, intelligent, and down to earth. Her spunky personality makes her very likable. Rey/Nick is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, who oozes his sensual side, even while injured. They are both moths to flame throughout this dramatic and suspenseful spicy romance. The dog that appears and always protects Alicia is an endearing character, which also draws tears. Although somewhat predictable, the plot and story are eloquently described. Readers will fly through this book at a quick clip, as Ms. Ryan draws all in for a front row seat. Healing hearts and beautiful compromises build a meaningful relationship. A completely addicting read!


Viola Robbins