Missing at Eagle River (Eagle River, #2)


Angie Moore is marrying the love of her life, and moving to Eagle River.  She feels like she’s rushing into things, but Daniel has promised to make it up to her after they’re settled.  That becomes one of the many lies he tells her.  Angie becomes a prisoner in her own home, cut off from family and friends, with Daniel harassing and threatening her.  When she finally escapes and goes to local Sheriff Adam Hall for help, it seems as if he will be her savior.  Daniel is especially worried because Angie has stolen something priceless, which could cost him his freedom. Angie also enlists the help of Tina, a local computer expert. But they can't escape Daniel's reach, which puts their lives constantly in danger.  Adam has his hands full trying to keep Angie and Tina safe, while finding out Daniel's secret.

Missing at Eagle River has a great plot which will keep readers wanting more.  There are three different story threads going on with Angie, Adam, and Tina, which at times can be difficult to keep straight.  The author also introduces a lot of characters with little explanation or background, which also creates some confusion.  Most of the story is devoted to dialogue among the characters, making it at times tedious.  However, the main storyline is spellbinding, with lots of twists and turns, as Angie tries to get away from Daniel and start a new life.  The reader will root for Angie, and hope that in the end, Daniel will get what he deserves.


Victoria Z. Burg