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Detective Antonia Delgado, aka Toni, has a very firm grip on her career. However, things start to change when a series of murders start taking place that seems to point to her as the perpetrator. Her closest friend and colleague, Robert Mathews, sticks with her as they search for the murderer who keeps leaving more bodies on his/her trail. Things get thick when Toni starts to notice some bizarre things inside her apartment, such as the continuous messages written on her bathroom mirror. Soon notes start appearing in her house and everywhere she goes, which makes the situation tenser.  As she starts to dig deeper into the mess, she has to face some monsters from her past that keep haunting her and blurring her reality. While all evidence seems to point to her, can she endure the mental torture that comes with that and still find out who is trying to rob her of her sanity and freedom?

Dark family secrets are unveiled as the reader follows Toni from the moment the first murder occurs until the end of the book. Her mother, Rosa, and her twin sister, Leelee, play a major role in helping the reader understand why Toni has to go through all the pain. The plot of the book is engaging and the characters’ roles play out well. However, the storyline would have been more engaging if the author had taken more time and effort to flesh out the scenes in a more detailed manner. Hidden beneath the occasional choppy scenes is a great story that could catch the attention of all lovers of crime thrillers. 

JM Lareen