Mind Over Murder

Cary Allen

Detective Jake Roberts is the target of a serial killer in the heart of Atlanta, GA. It started years earlier when he fell in love with Lori Powers, unaware that she was a serial killer herself - he wound up helping to catch her.  The publicity from that whole affair has made him fair game for the tech-savvy Jared Hamilton,  a man fixated on his own mother and truly mentally unstable.  The killings begin and the tangled web is spinning out of control. When Jake understands that he is to be the fifth and final victim he puts a plan together that is not legal.  Can he and his partners in crime pull it off and stay alive?


Murder and suspense are the name of the game in Mind Over Murder. The tight knit group that makes up the main cast of characters are easy to get to know and the supporting characters fall into place at just the right moments. The pace of the story slowly drags along at some points but picks up during the grand finale. There are some editing errors and it’s difficult to tell who the dialogue is coming from at times. The suspense, the chase and Jake's love interest are well portrayed and will keep readers anxiously following along to see how the hero ends up. The experience of troubled individuals who manage to form a bond over difficult situations is heartfelt and will leave readers feeling the love of  “family” that, even if not related by blood, is just as close.


Julie Caicco