MIKE: The Firefighters of Station #8


Although Cassie has a few eye-catching physical assets, at heart, she is a shy school teacher, embarrassed by her curvy figure. She’s given up hope that a man would sincerely appreciate her for who she is…until she meets Mike Armstrong.  Most people would agree that firefighters are heroes. But, Mike shrugs off the moniker. To him, he’s just doing his job.  However, due to the dangerous nature of his occupation, he has avoided relationships…until he meets Cassie.  Can they put their doubts and insecurities behind them to build a life together?

Be ready for non-stop pyrotechnics! When Mike and Cassie first make eye contact, sparks fly in every direction.  The physical part of their relationship is molten hot!! However, on an emotional level, they are holding back, wary of making a long-term commitment.  Meanwhile, Mike is flummoxed by a suspicious fire, which left a colleague severely injured.  This is an ongoing thread, to be continued in the next chapter of the series. However, the mystery may not be compelling enough, on its own, to entice readers into picking up the next installment. A few juvenile remarks about Cassie’s attributes by secondary characters go unchecked, even getting a pass from Mike, who misses a prime opportunity to stand up for Cassie, which was a contradiction to the book’s message. The sibling rivalry thread is unnecessary filler, slowing the momentum.  However, the romance between Mike and Cassie is the main event, and their love affair is strong enough to carry the story, making it worth checking out.

Julie Whiteley