The small town of Astrick, Oklahoma is reeling after Memory Smith, the town-appointed "angel," is identified as the victim of a hit and run. The problem is that the body is not Memory — in fact, she is alive and well in the company of former bad boy turned assistant DA, David McCann.  Determined to unravel this mind-boggling mystery, David and Memory team up together, forming a bond neither expected.  All the while, someone is after Memory, leaving the two to wonder if the two mysteries are somehow connected.  The deeper David and Memory delve into these two crimes, the more questions emerge, and the rockier their relationship becomes.

The book opens with a bang, bringing the reader along on a fascinating ride!  The mystery Ms. Ervin introduces creates a page-turner in the beginning, but the plot comes to a grinding halt when it focuses more on the relationship between David and Memory.  The thrilling aspect of the story takes a back seat to the wandering feelings of these two characters and does not take control again until the last few chapters.  Unfortunately, the dynamic between the leading characters is not enough to carry the novel and may leave the reader frustrated for having to dredge through unnecessary drama in order to arrive at a conclusion to the mystery.  Although not as thrilling as one may want, “Memory” showcases the storytelling Ms. Ervin is capable of and will have fans of a good romantic mystery grabbing for her next book.

Amy Cefoldo