Meant To Be You (Love in Dunes Bay Book 2)


Attorney Rachel Moss is tough on the outside but tender within. A year ago, her life began to unravel. She never thought she’d have to defend her own parents, who were caught in a money-laundering operation. When her ex-boyfriend Corey resorted to suicide because he couldn’t live without her, Rachel’s strong base crumbled. Now, avoiding close relationships at all costs, the loneliness is beginning to eat away at her soul. Former Coast Guard rescuer Rhys Steele is in a similar situation. He cannot forgive himself for the failed rescue attempt that claimed Corey’s life. Rhys now buries himself in his tech company to avoid facing his inner demons. When Rachel contacts him to investigate her parents, Rhys isn’t sure he wants to acknowledge the sparks between them.

In this high-stakes tale, tragedy and self-doubt bring together two people who, it seems, the fates intended for one another. Character development is a strength of this story, as we get to know both the hero and heroine quite well. Rachel’s relationship with her parents, however—especially her mother—is somewhat disturbing. Much time and energy is invested in letting the reader know just how much Rachel hates her. Scene switches occur in places with no warning, leaving the reader a little lost. Many words are also spent on ordinary conversations that don’t really move the story forward—detailed guy-talk between Rhys and his buddies while watching a baseball game is a case in point. Highly emotional love scenes, however, provide white-hot spots in this book that make the journey worthwhile.

FS Brown