The McCarran Collection


When archivist Bridget Olasfson’s marriage crumbles in divorce after the death of her young son, she struggles to find something to live for.  When an opportunity to catalogue an extensive wealth of historical family papers in the beautiful red rock country of Southern Utah, she jumps at the chance.  She finds out that all is not as clear cut as she thought, however, and is soon thrown into a dangerous game waged between a lethal drug cartel, a famous race car driver and an orphan boy who knows too much.  In trying to unravel the mystery that might save the boy's life, Bridget finds an ally in the least likely of the McCarran men.  But will she once again lose the man she is growing to love to save the boy she needs?

Liz Adair's latest is an engaging, suspenseful mystery - as well as a love story written to the beauty of nature in a little known area of the southwest.  Ms. Adair deftly weaves the threads of intrigue while successfully tying in a believable love story.  There are areas, especially concerning the ex-husband, that are not sufficiently explained or explored, leaving the reader scratching their heads. The exquisitely described beauty of the red rock area fights at times to take over the story.  Still, it is a very enjoyable read that will keep one entertained and guessing until that anticipated sigh escapes as the last page turns!

Ruth Lynn Ritter