Masquerade (Corporate Heat Book 3)


Lindsay Califaro works for a company called Elite. Elite is a big company with many clients, so it is easy for something sinister to slip through the cracks. When Lindsay’s boss ends up dead, the company brings in a forensic accountant, John Martino. John is hired to look over the books to find any shady business dealings. The only problem is that Lindsay and John have met before. They shared a few steamy nights together before John left and never contacted her again. Now they have to work together. They discover that the business is worse than they thought and that it involves sex trafficking. They need to be able to work together in order to stop the ring. But the flame between them is still there…

This is one smoking hot suspense novel! The chemistry between Lindsay and John is off the charts! Lindsay is smart and business savvy. John is the best at forensic accounting. Together they make an unstoppable team at work and behind closed doors. The romance plot and the suspense plot blend together seamlessly. The romance is hot and heavy from beginning to end, and the suspense keeps the pace of the novel moving. It is obvious that they book is well-researched, as the technical and corporate terms seem so realistic. There are moments when some information seems repetitive in regards to both the company and their love life. Readers might expect that a corporate setting might be dull, but not in this book. The suspense will keep readers on the edge of their seats!

Amanda Hupe