A Man to Trust

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Angela is finally getting her life together after the hell her husband put her through when she gets summoned to the police station by Detective Jake Bauman, the detective who notified her of her husband’s death, the same detective who later on accused her of helping her husband with the illegal dealings.  Jake isn’t sure what to think about Angela. While he can’t help but sympathize with her, he also knows that she is hiding something. And when her life is put in danger, he knows that something within him would break if anything happens to her. Now they  must figure out who is after her, and live long enough to let their feelings prevail over doubt.

The plot sounded promising, a detective and a woman he should never fall for against the backdrop of suspense and danger. However, there were some problems with the execution. First, Angela’s character is hard to understand, her life was hellish and that shaped her, but her TSTL disregard of danger simply didn’t make sense, and certainly didn’t endear her to the reader. Jake makes for a far more stable and likeable character, personality-wise. However, his actions at times are far from professional.  He completely disregards the serious danger and puts, not only himself and his partner, but even his little son in peril because he is “enchanted” with the suspect and wants to sleep with her?!? Their relationship is a pretty solid point, once they surpass the constant doubt and emotion swings (which did seem a bit too dramatic). All in all, an intriguing plot that could’ve yielded a much more satisfying read.

Ana Smith