Man with the Mafia

Debra J.

Deirdre is a romance writer looking to start over. She finds a cozy neighborhood and plans to focus on her writing until she runs into the bold attorney, Vincent. Sparks fly immediately! However, both have pasts they are trying to hide. Vincent has a cousin in the mafia whom he is trying to help. Dierdre is fleeing an abusive boyfriend. She thought she could keep that under wraps, but her anxiety attacks start giving Vincent the idea that something is really wrong. Vincent also finds out from his cousin that there is a leak in the mafia and their enemies have been spying on Deirdre. Vincent and Diedre fall in love but will it survive the danger they are about to go through?

This mafia novel is filled with drama and steamy relationships. The majority of the novel focuses on the relationship and bedroom escapades of Deirdre and Vincent. The mafia storyline doesn’t really start taking off until halfway into the book, so it almost feels like a subplot. This really brings the story to a crawling pace. Deirdre starts off as an interesting character, independent and strong, until she meets Vincent. Vincent is possessive, controlling, and demeaning. He does not like her name because other men have called her by it, so insists on giving her a nickname. He is a completely unlikable character that will have readers screaming, “Girl, run!” However, readers will love the sub characters like Carlos and Tyler, and the story does touch on PTSD and anxiety which are important issues. Those who love stories about steamy, complex relationships will love this book.

Amanda Hupe